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Ryde Town Council is committed to supporting local businesses and visitor attractions by providing a range of services and projects aimed at promoting and enhancing the town. The aim is to ensure that Ryde is attractive, welcoming and pleasant town place for residents and visitors alike.

There are various associations on the Isle of Wight that provide dedicated support and help in developing local businesses in Ryde. For more information on these, please see the following website links:

Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce
Visit Isle of Wight

The Ryde Business Association

The Ryde Business Association (RBA) is an association that works hard to promote Ryde as an exciting destination on the Isle of Wight. Whilst helping attract visitors, they also encourage residents to visit and use Ryde as a central shopping point to support local businesses. The RBA represent a large number of the businesses, helping build up a reputation for Ryde as well as holding regular monthly meetings which welcomes all businesses.

For more information, please visit their website here.

Employment Allocation

The Isle of Wight Council have allocated a 14.7 hectare site to the south of Nicholson Road in Ryde to deliver a mix of primarily smaller scale B1 and B2 employment related uses.

The Council wishes to build on the success of the current provision at Ryde Business Park and extend the range of small scale B1 and B2 use facilities. The site is under Council ownership and has confirmed that it will bring the site forward early in the Core Strategy plan period.

Ryde Town Council has contacted the Isle of Wight Council to ask for an update on the progress of bringing this site forward. 

If you are an employer wishing to relocate to Ryde or an employer who wishes to expand within Ryde then please contact rtcplanning@btconnect.com to discuss how Ryde Town Council may be able to support you in this process.

Solent LEP Business Support Event 9th November 2015

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