Ryde Town Council - Training and Development Policy V1.0
Ryde Town Council delivers a variety of services in, and around Ryde. In order
for those services to be delivered effectively the Council undertakes to ensure that both
Councillors and staff are equipped with the skills necessary to run those services to the
highest standard.
This policy will outline how Ryde Town Council plans to support both Councillors and
Staff to deliver valued services to the residents of Ryde.
This policy has been developed to ensure that staff and Councillors have both
thetechnical and managerial skills necessary for the Council to meet its
1. Aims of the policy
1.1. To provide training, learning and development opportunities that:
enable the Council to achieve its objectives
ensure Councillors are well equipped to participate in discussions and
makeinformed decisions
allow employees to develop their potential in line with the Council’s objectives
are of a good quality and support the recruitment and retention of employees
ensure continuity of service delivery
ensure cost effective service delivery
2. How will the aims be achieved?
2.1. All staff to have an induction covering basic housekeeping including health
and safety practices, and will be allocated time to gain knowledge of the
Council’s policies and procedures
2.2. Staff and Managers will work together to create a ‘Personal Development
Plan’ which will outline the employees training and development needs and
ensure they are associated with meeting the needs of the Council
2.5. Offer development opportunities to managers, in line with agreed
performance standards, and ensure those opportunities reflect the culture
and direction of the Council and equip managers to perform their role
2.6. Managers will provide time, resources and support as appropriate to enable
employees to meet their targets as outlined in their development plan. These
will be identified by the employee’s Line Manager in agreement with the
employee. Managers should ensure that any time given to employees should
not impact thedelivery of Council services.
Ryde Town Council - Training and Development Policy V1.0
2.7. Fostering amongst staff a sense of personal responsibility for developing and
updating their skills and expertise
2.8. Allocating an annual training budget to fulfil identified needs
2.9. Ensuring all staff have equality of opportunity to participate in training and
development activities.
2.10. All costs incurred will be met by the Council including travel, mileage, any
accommodation costs and course fees
Elected Members
2.11. New Councillors will be provided with an induction pack.
2.12. Councillors will be required to attend relevant training for their role to
furtherdevelop their skills.
2.13. Councillors who are appointed as Chairman of any committee or Mayor will
be supported and required to attend appropriate training to enable them to
becomeeffective in carrying out their role.
2.14. All Councillors following election or co-option are required to attend
thesemandatory training sessions:
Code of Conduct training
Induction training
Mandatory training will be by the Clerk’s office and may be offered by a range
2.15. All costs incurred will be met by the Council including travel, mileage, any
accommodation costs and course fees.
2.16. All Chairman and Vice- Chairman will also be encouraged to attend
Chairmanship Training provided by IOW Association of Local Councils (IWALC).
3. Appraisals
3.1. All staff to have an annual appraisal carried out by their line manager.
Appraisals should refer to employee’s role descriptions and any training
planned should reflect and support their role as outlined in the role
description. If an employee’s role evolves and no longer reflects the role
description line managers, in consultation with employees, will develop a
revised role descriptionthat reflects the employee’s current role.
3.3. As part of the appraisal all staff the ‘Training and Development Plan’ will; be
reviewed and updated to ensure it meets the short and long-term needs of
the individual, their team and the Council as a whole.
Ryde Town Council - Training and Development Policy V1.0