– 🏆University of Portsmouth Business Consultancy Project Awards 2024🌟

We are delighted to highlight the excellent achievement of the final-year students who joined forces for a research project with the Town Council. Among the worthy teams, Team Zesty particularly stood out for their Outstanding Collaboration and Outstanding Leadership.

Team Zesty’s Achievements:
– Highly Commended in the Outstanding Collaboration category.
– WINNERS of the Outstanding Leadership Award!

🌿 Project Highlight – Eastern Gardens:
Team Zesty took on a challenging research project exploring the potential uses of Eastern Gardens.

Annette Johansson-Steed, RTC Projects Officer:
“Team Zesty truly left a lasting impression on us with the sheer depth and calibre of their research efforts. With such exceptional work ethic and talent, it’s clear that Team Zesty has a promising future ahead, and we extend our best wishes for their continued success.”

Congratulations to all the nominated students!

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