– Crackdown on Dog Fouling

Ryde Town Council is increasing its efforts to address the escalating problem of dog fouling within our community. As a Council deeply committed to the welfare and cleanliness of our town, we are committed in our mission to uphold safe and pristine public spaces for all residents and visitors.

Recent observations have revealed a concerning rise in incidents of dog fouling on our streets, parks, and footpaths. In collaboration with Isle of Wight Council Environment Officers, we are implementing regular patrols to identify and rectify instances of dog fouling.

Penalties for Offenders:

We remind all pet owners that neglecting to clean up after your dog is not just discourteous but also unlawful. Offenders risk facing severe penalties, including on-the-spot £100 Fixed Penalty Notices issued by Enforcement Officers. In serious cases, prosecution may result in fines of up to £1,000.

We encourage all residents to join us in our effort to uphold a clean and pleasant environment in Ryde. By responsibly disposing of pet waste, we ensure the enjoyment of our public spaces for everyone. PLEASE… bag it & bin it! Remember, you can utilise any bin to dispose of your dog’s waste—no excuses!

You can report incidents of dog fouling to be promptly addressed through the Island Roads website. Simply click on the ‘report it online’ button: https://islandroads.com


It’s only the same as Cow or Horse manure.

No, it is not. Dog faeces is much, much more dangerous and can cause Toxocariasis which can cause damage to the eye and in some cases blindness, Young Children will be more at risk as they are more likely to come into contact with the faeces and not realise the dangers.

Once the waste has been picked up and bagged it can be discarded.

No, it cannot. It is astonishing that people take the trouble to bag dog waste and then throw it into a hedge, bush, a tree or back on the ground. This is then a littering offence and again liable to a fine of up to £100 with a maximum of £1000.

The Council or Town Council doesn’t do anything.

The Council provides dog waste bins, empties them, provides signage, it undertakes patrols by Environment officers, serves fixed penalty notices, takes prosecutions, arranges for additional street cleans for problem areas and it follows up complaints. Dog Fouling is not the fault of the Council, it is 100% down to very irresponsible dog owners!

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