– Prepare for Flooding – Environment Agency

The Environment Agency have prepared an advice and guidance leaflet – Prepare for Flooding Winter 2021-2022.

Within this leaflet they have provided an overview around the general sources of flooding, detailed key agencies who have responsibilities around managing flood risk and highlighted a number of key actions that should support all at risk in preparing for flooding. This leaflet also contains some ‘live’ links to websites and useful documents.

There is a second document, entitled Isle of Wight Community Flood Preparation Leaflet. This contains some additional information, guidance and links to help prepare for potential flooding together with contacts that may be helpful.

The  Environment Agency are here to help!

•             They can support anyone who is unsure to undertake the checks on Gov.UK to understand if they are at risk of flooding, and if they are, help them to register for our free Flood Warning Service to ensure they receive our flood alert and warning messages.

•             They can support you, or members of your community, to make or update a flood plan. They have templates for personal, community-based and business flood plans which can be found on Gov.UK here;

https://www.gov.uk/prepare-for-flooding/future-flooding. A simple trigger, based on their Flood Warning Service, and actions that are then needed to be taken are all you need.

•             You can check daily river, sea and rainfall levels on  Gov.UK website: https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/river-and-sea-levels

•             Ring their Incident Hotline 0800 807060 if you have been or about to be flooded, or are concerned about blockages or obstructions to river flow.

• They will also try and help with any questions you may have.

Isle of Wight Community Flood Preparation Leaflet

Prepare For Flooding Leaflet - Winter

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