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The Council adopted its corporate plan at its Council meeting in September 2020. This sits alongside the Town Council’s Place Plan setting out the aims and objectives of the Town Council for the next 5years. The Town Council’s vision is contained in its Vision Statement and this is to “To support and enhance the health, well-being and economy of Ryde to the benefit of residents, local businesses and visitors within a culture that makes best use of our heritage and the beauty of Ryde”.

The Town Council awards community and marketing grants for projects and events that reflect the Council’s aims and objectives and those organisations that can demonstrate working effectively and collaboratively with partner organisations.

At its most recent meeting the Grants Committee were delighted to award community and marketing grants to several organisations including £1,000 to IOW Defibrillators to provide and install a defibrillator in the Union Street area.  £5,000 was awarded to Tidal Family Support located in Rink Road to assist in providing child contact session at their premises and in the community. The Committee also awarded £800 to Ryde Rowing Club to go towards the running of the annual Regatta that will be returning after an enforced break of a couple of years and £1,000 to Ryde Rotary to plan and organise a Family Fun Day to be held on Eastern Gardens on July 30th.

FUTURE GRANT ROUNDS UPDATE – Following the decision taken at the Full Council meeting this September, the Community Grant budget for 2022/23 has been reassigned to help establish a Ryde Warm Bank/Welcoming Place and Community Pop-Up cost-of-living crisis HUB. Accordingly there will be no further grant rounds taking place in the 2022/23 financial year.

In addition, each councillor has an allocation of £250 to spend on charities/voluntary and community organisations within their ward (or the wider community) subject to the agreement of the Grants Sub-Committee. If you would like your organisation to be considered for this award, please download the application form to complete.

You may also wish to contact your local Town Councillor to discuss your application before submission, if you do not know who your Town Councillor is, contact us and we will let you know. Please submit your application to grants@rydetowncouncil.gov.uk and we will contact your Ryde Town Councillor for agreement to your project. We will then forward your application onto the grants committee for consideration.

Any questions? Please let us know by emailing grants@rydetowncouncil.gov.uk


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