– Beautify Ryde Through Art

Ryde Town is getting a vibrant makeover with the installation of a new community mural aimed at deterring anti-social graffiti.

The eye-catching mural can now be seen on the WightFibre cabinet located near the entrance of Co-op car park on George Street, adding a burst of colour and creativity to the area. The artwork is designed to transform the cabinet into a piece of public art.

WightFibre has collaborated with Ryde Town Council and talented artists, Emma and Hollie, who have been commissioned to bring their artistic vision to the project. Emma and Hollie are known for their ability to create engaging murals that capture the spirit of the community.

WightFibre CEO, John Irvine said:
“WightFibre have always had plans to do something with our white cabinets. This artwork project with Ryde Town Council and Community Murals is a great example of what can be done and help deal with the problem of graffiti in Ryde. WightFibre is always happy to get involved in community projects like this, because we care”. 

Emma and Hollie shared their thoughts:
“We are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of Ryde Town. Through our artwork, we aim to inspire positivity and create a sense of pride within the community.”

This project represents an innovative approach to deter anti-social graffiti while embracing creativity and enhancing the visual appeal of the town. If you haven’t already, check out this fantastic piece of artwork!

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