– Ryde Town Council’s Jubilee Awards Evening and Beacon lighting

A fabulous evening as Ryde Town Council honoured 16 amazing Ryde residents to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. In celebrating the Queen Jubilee 70th Anniversary it was decided that it was a wonderful opportunity to honour those residents that have gone that extra mile in making Ryde the town it is today.

There were two awards presented on the evening, Ryde Citizen awards and the highest award of achievement the Town Council can give, the Freedom of Ryde. In past years, Ryde has given Eddie Minghella the Freedom of Ryde for his service to the town through business and civic duties and John Ackroyd for his innovation, invention and pioneering in engineering.

The awards were made by local craftsmen in Ryde and present by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight, Dr Jonathan Nainby-Luxmore, Ryde Mayor Cllr Michael Lilley and Deputy Mayor Cllr Jenna Sabine.

The 9 fantastic Ryde Citizens to receive an award were:

  1. Henry Adams – For his lifelong service to Ryde as a local businessman, former local councillor and a committed supporter and volunteer of Ryde Carnival.
  2. Anthony Brook – For lifelong service to the Ryde Community through work and voluntary service at St. Mary’s youth group and Ryde Saint’s Football Club.
  3. Judith Day – For service to the community of Ryde through tirelessly raising funds for many local charities and good causes including IW Strollers and Ryde Carnival.
  4. Derek Sandy – For committed service to the community of Ryde through provision over 16 years of Love Mondays on Ryde beaches and positive promotion of Ryde.
  5. Heath Monaghan – For community service to Ryde through the establishment of Ryde Aspire and restoration of Holy Trinity Church, Dover Street as a community resource.
  6. Katrina Mary Fraser – For community service to Ryde through her work as a community psychiatric nurse, establishing and running a lunch club for the elderly at Ryde Aspire.
  7. Lindsey Jacqueline MacFarlene – For service within Ryde’s business and voluntary sectors through the establishment and leadership of Ryde Shop Watch and her support for Ryde Carnival.
  8. Tessa James – For service to the Ryde community especially the most vulnerable.
  9. Rosie Johnson – For her campaigning for the welfare of wildlife on the Island and in Ryde and the establishment during the Covid 19 Pandemic a group called “Young Nature Watch IW” with the aim of connecting with other young people on the Island who were also passionate about wildlife.

Followed by 7 magnificent Freedom of Ryde:

  1. Raymond Allen – For his lifelong work in the entertainment world, his dedication to Ryde, and his support to many good causes in the town.
  2. Des Murphy – For his many years of voluntary service to Ryde in developing Ryde’s Saints Football Club and support of young people of the town.
  3. Carol Jaye – For her commitment, enthusiasm, and vision in the development of the thriving art movement in the Town.
  4. Mike Fitt – For his lifelong service to the environment and horticulture nationally and locally in Ryde.
  5. Charles Chapman – For his lifelong service to civic duty and public service within Ryde.
  6. Diana Conyers – For her extensive voluntary work in the community – specifically with Aspire and the Citizens Advice Bureau Ryde especially throughout Covid19 Pandemic.
  7. Peter Woodnutt – For his lifelong service to the town through business, retailing and support of the Island’s LGBTQ+ community.

The awards ceremony was rounded off by a lovely thank you poem written by Peter Woodnutt on behalf of the Magnificent 7, with a special mention to Eddie Minghella and John Ackroyd.

“We the magnificent seven thank, all The Councillors and Mayor of Ryde. Voted us to be given the Freedom, a Civic honour, we cherish with pride.

Created to celebrate seven decades Of Queen Elizabeth’s glorious reign. So nominated seven unsung heroes Each eligible for Ryde’s hall of fame.

Eddie Minghella and John Ackroyd. Both given the Freedom in the past. We’re proud to follow, in their wake, And to nail our colours, to the mast.

We’re living through troubled times, Give negotiation that chance to win. Cease man’s inhumanity Worldwide, Let the dawn of reconciliation begin!

Observe this historic weekend, with Street parties throughout the realm. To keep safe, Her Majesty The Queen Maintaining Her course, at the Helm!”  Written by Peter Woodnutt

The night didn’t finish there, as the crowd then headed over to Ryde Marina to be joined by members of the community in their hundreds to watch the Beacon being lit by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Dr Jonathan Nainby-Luxmore as we celebrate a unique milestone in our history.

It was a beautiful symbolic evening with lovely installations from The New Carnival Company up the Marina Arm.

Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Dr Jonathan Nainby-Luxmore said:

“The awards ceremony was wonderful, and the various winners are truly exceptional members of the community. The awards were so thoroughly well-deserved, and I was humbled by all that they have done for the community they live in and the visitors to Ryde.”

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