– April Newsletter

Welcome to New Town Councillor!

Ryde Town Council would like to welcome a new Councillor for Ryde East, Councillor Michael Lilley.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish meeting for the electors of Ryde will be held at 6.00pm on 4 April 2016 at the Methodist Church in Garfield Road.  This meeting is an opportunity for electors to hear from the Town Council about what has happened in the town over the last year and to ask the Council and other local organisations questions about their future plans for the town. The Annual Parish Meeting will be followed by a meeting of the Full Town Council at 7pm.

Public Toilets

The Town Council is pleased to be able to announce that it will be ensuring that there will be public toilets available for residents and visitors in Ryde despite the cuts announced recently by the Isle of Wight Council. The Town Council is working hard to get everything in place to make sure they are cleaned and managed properly over the Easter period and throughout the rest of the year.

Community Grants 2016/17

Applications are welcomed from community groups and organisations for the only round of community grant funding that will be available from the Town Council in 2016/17. Please email the Town Council on clerk@rydetowncouncil.gov.uk to register your interest and to be sent an application pack when the round is open. Because a new application process has been adopted by the Town Council please do not use forms you might have used before, as these cannot be accepted. In addition, please note that any group wishing to apply for funding support towards an event will need to wait for a separate application process to be announced later this year.

Countryside Management in Ryde

The Isle of Wight Council has recently transferred the management of 3 countryside sites in Ryde to ‘Gift to Nature’. Ryde Town Council has agreed to provide funding to ‘Gift to Nature’ to improve and manage these sites for the benefit of its residents. In the coming months Ryde Town Council will be working with ‘Gift to Nature’ to develop a scheme of improvements for Swanmore Meadows, Binstead Wood and Haylands Wood.

Canine Partners

Volunteers on the Isle of Wight are being sought by national charity Canine Partners to take puppies into their own homes and begin their early training to be assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Canine Partners is specifically looking for volunteers, known as puppy parents, who can take a pup into their home from the age of eight weeks until they are 12-14 months old.  They will need to have time, commitment and patience. One of the biggest roles of the puppy parent is to socialise the puppy in a variety of environments, helping develop the puppy in to an assistance dog that can cope with any situation. A trainer will be on hand to support them in their key role at community classes and at home in one-to-one sessions. If you would like to play a vital role in training an assistance dog, please call our puppy office on 01730 716017 or email puppyoffice@caninepartners.org.uk.

New Youth Café – Reminder

Don’t forget that a new youth café for young people aged 11- 19 has opened in Ryde with free drinks, snacks and art sessions. Supported by the Town Council and Spectrum Housing Group Café 3 is open every Wednesday between 3.00pm and 4.30pm at the Eric Warner Centre (Scout Hall) on St. John’s Hill. For more information contact youthoffer@spectrumhousing.co.uk or ring 07519 482 744.

Councillors Contact Details

Details of how to contact your local town councillors can be found on the Town Council’s website at www.rydetowncouncil.gov.uk – click on the ‘The Town Council’ section from the homepage. Alternatively, please ring or email the Town Council offices and we will be pleased to provide you with this information.

April Town Council meetings and dates for your diary

Full Council                  7pm     4 April                 Garfield Rd Methodist Church

Planning Committee     7pm     5 April                  Lind Street Meeting Room

Planning Committee     7pm     26 April                Lind Street Meeting Room

Finance Committee      7pm     27 April                Lind Street Meeting Room

All meetings are open to the public; agendas are available to collect from the Town Council offices or to download from the Town Council’s website at www.rydetowncouncil.gov.uk

The Town Council Office is at Town Hall Chambers, 10 Lind Street, Ryde (opposite Ryde Theatre) and is open to the public Monday to Thursday between 9am and 2pm and on a Friday between 9am and 1pm. Enquiries may still be made at any time to the above telephone numbers or email address.

If you have a local community event coming up which you would like to publicise free of charge on this page and/or on the Town Council’s noticeboards please do get in touch using any of the contact details at the top of the page.



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