– Armed Forces Covenant Signing

Ryde Town Council are delighted to have joined the pledge in supporting the Armed Forces Community. This year Armed Forces week ran from Monday 20th to Saturday 25th June 2022 and there is no more symbolic way to show our commitment to supporting those who serve or have served on the armed forces and their family than signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

By doing so RTC are honouring the commitment to fair employment at the Town Council, maintaining good communication with the Armed Forces community and the upkeep of war memorials within the parish.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise that those who serve or have served in the Forces, and their families, should be treated fairly and should not face disadvantages when seeking to access to public services, employment, commercial services, education, housing, healthcare and engaging with the Armed Forces Community.

We encourage all organisation to sign up in order to demonstrate their support for the Armed Forces Community. All organisations, public, private, and voluntary, no matter what size are welcome to pledge their support. For more details on how to join please visit www.armedforcescovenant.gov.uk

IWC Armed Forces Champion and Ryde Town Councillor Ian Dore:

“With RTC signing the Armed Forces Covenant, what is being said is we recognise and respect the Armed Forces, their families and the incredible work they do. Being a signed-up member means treating others with fairness and respect which is the backbone of any society. It’s also about ethical employment and good HR practice. They have made a commitment to the nation; this is a commitment to them.

A lot of what goes on to keep up safe at night, is done in the shadows or in faraway lands. For that we need focused individuals to step up to the plate. There is never any credit, no public recognition and you never get to hear about it. Members of the Military need to know that they will be looked after and treated fairly and equally when they leave. Any entity that signs the Armed Forces Covenant is saying to them yes. Yes, you will be.”

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