On 28 February 2017, avian flu disease control measures were amended across the UK. While measures have been in place in the UK for a while, parts of the Isle of Wight have now been designated as ‘high risk areas’ for avian flu.

Commercial and private keepers of poultry or captive birds are encouraged to ensure that their biosecurity measures are maintained, to ensure their flocks and wild birds in the community are protected.

Guidance from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, advises that “all poultry keepers must take active steps to separate their birds from wild birds, in particular from wild ducks, geese and gulls. The options are:
a) Managed access to outdoor areas/range – only allowed outside HRAs;
b) Housing; or
c) Fully netted outside areas, pens, cages and aviaries – mandatory in the HRA and optional outside the HRA.

More information, including links to the Defra guidance and a map, is available on the council’s website:

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