– Calling all artists for Ryde High Street

Ryde Town Council are looking to commission an experienced artist/s to carry out a project celebrating the heritage features of Ryde High St through a series of ground level murals.

Commissioned artists will be required to identify architectural features from the surrounding buildings within the pedestrianized area of the High St, using the patterns, shapes, textures and colours to design a series of works which they will then create at street level through the use of paint/stencil work.  This site specific public art will temporarily transform the public realm and sense of space in the newly pedestrianized area, allowing for the community to consider further the role of art within the Heritage Action Zone’s finalized works over the coming years. It would therefore be helpful if artists considered how they could communicate the design and implementation process through the use of social media for the duration of the project to help inform and engage the local community.

The project will be scheduled for March 2021 with a fee of £4000 (based on £250 per day for 16 days’ work). An additional materials budget of £1200 will also be made available to the artists at the start of the project.
What we are looking for:
• Applications from partnerships will be given preference because of the added surety in delivery this provides.
• Artists with a keen interest in Ryde’s heritage
• Artists with experience in the planning and delivery of larger scale outdoor work
• Artists who can engage the public in their processes through the use of social media.

How to apply:
Please note that there is a tight turn-around for applications to this project. Please email the following titled ‘Ryde Look Up [First name, Surname (of lead applicant)]’
1. In no more than 500 words please outline why you are interested in the opportunity, how your experience relates to the project, your initial ideas for delivering the project and how artistic partnerships for the project would be planned.
2. Include weblinks or attachments to two examples of work from each artist.
3. Include a current CV for each artist involved.
Please email applications to:
Ryde HSHAZ zoe.thomson@rydetowncouncil.gov.uk
For questions or further information please email or call Zoe on 07598133214

1. Applications must be submitted by 12pm midday on Friday 19th February 2021
2. We will get back to you by Wednesday 24th February, whether successful or not.
3. A Zoom meeting with successful applicants to discuss the project will take place on Wednesday 3rd March
4. Project runs throughout March 2021
Terms and conditions:
Payment will be made to the artists on completion of the project, inclusive of expenses and VAT. The materials fee will be made available when the project is initiated.

Similar project are; Look Down to Look Up. A public art commission of five large Ground Art works for Croydon Council, 2018. Please use the link below to view more information on the Look Down to Look Up project. 
A colourful design on a road block

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