– Do you have a complaint about NHS treatment you, or someone you know has received?

SWAN Advocacy are commissioned by the Isle of Wight Council to provide the free, independent and confidential support to:

  • Help anyone making a complaint about any NHS service including hospitals, GP surgeries, the ambulance service, dentists, pharmacies, opticians, community nursing and NHS-funded care homes.
  • Help anyone who wishes to complain on behalf of a friend or relative, provided that person has given written consent where they are able to do so. We can also support with complaints about the treatment of someone who has died
  • Help you to understand the NHS complaints process, and support you with letter writing, preparing and attending complaints meetings, taking your complaint to Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.
  • Ensure your views, feelings and concerns are listened to by the appropriate NHS body

For free, independent and confidential support, contact SWAN at:

Tel: 03333 447928

Email: IoW@swanadvocacy.org.uk

Web: www.swanadvocacy.org.uk/iow

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