– Emergency Flooding Information

Floodboards for Doorways
If you need to secure your door or an entrance, Island Roads can provide flood boards if required. Please contact Island Roads. Tel 01983 822440 or email info@islandroads.co.uk

Sandbags are available from Island Roads at Simeon Rec. Please see this link for more information about where to find the store. 

Roads Overflowing
If your road is flooding, it is likely that the road gulleys are overflowing. Call Island Roads 24/7 emergency line 01983 822440 and someone will attend. If you can’t get through on the phone you can also report online (link below) or by the Fix My Street app. Island Roads Report Online.

Sewage Leaks
For overflowing sewage or residential or main drain blockages (usually with a solid cover) call Southern Water emergency line 0330 303 0368 but please note the rain normally has to have stopped before Southern Water can attend as it can’t be fixed while the rain is still causing the problem.

Flooding Inside Your Home
If your home is flooded, please also call the Fire Service as they have ways to pump the water out. Contact numbers are below.

Main: 023 8064 4000
Out of office hours (5pm to 9am): 023 8038 6390
At the weekends: 023 8038 6390

What Your Local Councillor Can Do?
It is important to call Southern Water every time you experience a flood so that this information is logged and builds up a history of information so that it can be investigated properly. It is also important to call Island Roads to respond to emergencies also. However, if there is a problem with the way that flooding is being managed, and if flooding is re-occuring in a particular area, it is definitely worth contacting your local councillor at Town and County level and seeing what can be done to resolve it.

Did You Know?
Drains can be blocked by householders unwittingly. Be mindful of what you flush down the toilet or wash down the sink; it all ends up in our wastewater and in our drains as pollution. Blocked drains are often caused by items such as baby wipes, paper towels, hair, sanitary products and oil. Do your bit to ensure these items are put in the bin, and you will be helping to prevent possible flooding in future.

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