– Garden Waste Collection – ‘Early Bird Scheme’

The Isle of Wight Council have issued the following reminder today 24th Jan.


Have you joined the garden waste gang yet? Residents are being reminded to sign up for the council’s garden waste collection service by 28 January, and get the early bird price of £52 for the year.

The new scheme, launched in November, means residents can now have their garden waste collected from their home at an introductory offer of just £1 a week.

The optional fortnightly scheme will allow householders to subscribe online for a 240-litre wheeled bin or three hessian sacks to be picked up from the kerbside for a total cost of £52 per year, if they join by Friday 28 January. After that date, the price will be £60 a year.

“I would encourage any residents who are thinking about subscribing but have not yet committed to act quickly to take advantage of the early bird price. If you sign up before 28 January you will receive collections in February and March 2018 for free,” said Councillor Michael Murwill, Cabinet member for waste management.

“It will make gardening easier and save having to load the car up with heavy bags of wet garden waste and make trips to the household waste centre to dispose of it. If you don’t think you will generate enough garden waste to warrant it, you could always sign up first and share the cost with your neighbour.”
Receiving the fortnightly service is easy. Just go to www.iwight.com/Greengardenwaste to fill in some details and click and pay and the service will come to you on your normal recycling week, although it may be on a different day.

The council will accept all garden waste such as leaves, grass cuttings and sticks. Please no logs, rubble or soil.

The scheme, in partnership with Amey, is a ‘one-stop shop’ meaning householders do not have to call for collection each time. However, people can still continue to take garden waste directly to Lynnbottom, Newport or Afton Marsh, Freshwater household waste and recycling centres.

How to sign up

In order to book this, you can sign up to an online iwight.com account (if you do not have one already), at the following link: https://www.iwight.com/MyAccount/SignUp.aspx with a valid email address.

If you do not have an email address, call the contact centre on (01983) 823777, with your credit or debit card ready.

The subscription will run from 1 April to 31 March each year, apart from the initial registration period. Those who sign up before 28 January will receive collections in February and March 2018 for free. It means if you make an annual subscription payment between now and 31 March 2018, you will not have to renew your subscription fee until March 2019.

Your bin/ sacks will be delivered in January, ready for February collection.

Biodegradable sack refunds will only be issued to the end of January.

For more information on the scheme, please visit: www.iwight.com/Greengardenwaste

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