– Latest News on Beach Works for Monktonmead Brook

BAM Nuttall contractors will commence vacating the beach on 2nd July and will have cleared all plant, materials and offices and reinstated the playground by the 18th July.
By the 18thJuly BAM Nuttall will have placed the new culverts and constructed the outfall under the Harbour arm and reinstated the arm. The culvert will not be live and connected to the drainage system at that time.
UK Pride have asked that BAM Nuttall leave the Heras fencing in place for their event which has been agreed. After the event they will remove and deposit the fencing in Simeon Street Recreation Ground for the next phase of works.
BAM Nuttall will be returning to the beach in September to complete the new deflector wall within the harbour and to construct the transition chamber to connect the new culvert to the existing system. They will then remove the redundant section of culvert. This work should be completed by the end of November. BAM Nuttall will not be requiring the use of the playground for offices when they return in September, but will need to use the slipway for access.

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