– Resurfacing Colenutts Road, Residents update.

We have received the following from Island Roads regarding the resurfacing of Colenutts Rd and the affect it may have on residents.


Dear Occupant

Island Roads, working in partnership with the Isle of Wight Council is upgrading and maintaining the Island’s highways network.

We are writing to let you know about the carriageway surfacing works due to take place in your local area shortly and to provide you with some information and guidance about what will happen during the works to enable you to plan accordingly. All of the information is important but please take particular note of the sections relating to your weekly waste and recycling collection.

Location of works: Colenutts Road, Ryde for its entire length
Anticipated duration of works: Start date:  Wednesday 17th July 2019
Duration: 2 -3 days (Monday – Friday only)

Traffic Restrictions
During the works, we will be using heavy machinery/equipment and materials that could damage your vehicle, making it unsuitable for vehicles to access the works area. The road will therefore be closed whilst these works are taking place and vehicle access will not be permitted, with the exception of emergency vehicles.

Pedestrian footways will remain open.

Time of works and vehicle access to properties/businesses
Works will take place between the hours of 06:30 and 18:00, although exact start and finish times may vary.

The area of work will be coned the night before the works and this indicates the start of the works the following day.

When the cones are in place we ask you to kindly park your cars off street in preparation for the works the next day.

Residents will be permitted access before 07:30 and after 16:00 where safety permits.   

Parking /vehicle removal
Island Roads will remove any vehicles that remain on the carriageway within the road closure and relocate them to a safe alternative location nearby.  In these circumstances, you can locate your vehicle by contacting our help desk on 01983 822440.

Please note that Island Roads has the authority to remove vehicles in these circumstances from the carriageway and costs may be charged to the registered keeper if a vehicle has to be relocated.

Visit our website at http://www.islandroads.com/7-faqs.html 

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