– RTC’s Outline Position Statement and the Island Planning Strategy.

Outline Position Statement
In responce to the Isle of Wight Council’s (IWC) Draft Regeneration Stratergy and their review of the Island Plan Core Stategy which has led to the drafting of the new Island Planning Strategy (IPS), Ryde Town Council (RTC) has  produced an Outline Position Statement (PS) which aims to provide credible data and evidence to submit to the IWC’s Regeneration Strategy and to influence and inform the IPS at a key stage in its development.

At the Planning Committee Meeting on Tuesday 11th September 2018, the Outline Position Statement, which was created to influence and inform the New Island Planning Strategy and the Draft Regeneration Strategy, was recommended for approval at Full Council. It is available on the link below for public review and comment. This is a live document which has been submitted to the IWC. Ryde Town Council has run a consultation event and the information and opinion gathered from this work will be available shortly.

The links below will take you to Ryde Town Council’s Full Outline Position Statement, a document which gives the key points of the Outline Position Statement and the recently released Island Planning Strategy.

Ryde Town Council’s Outline Position Statement

Key Points from the Position Statement

Draft Island Planning Strategy for Public Consultation

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