– Ryde Beach Accessibility

Ryde Town Council (RTC) are working with a number of partners on a major project to enhance accessibility for all at Ryde Beach. One of these, Unlimited Island, an accessibility consulting CIC, have actively supported the council in grant applications, promoted initiative across various media channels, and made substantial contributions during consultation events.

Ryde Mayor Richard May says:

“Ryde Town Council are delighted to be working with a dedicated organisation like Unlimited Island on this incredibly important project. Their involvement has significantly elevated the project’s visibility and provided valuable insights from frontline users.”

Unlimited Island’s JustGiving page, combined with the generous contributions from IW Council, Visit IoW and RTC mean that the team are moving closer to achieving the first phase of the plans.

Claire Walker, founder of the Island’s dedicated accessibility guide, Unlimited Island, adds: 

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Ryde Town Council and other key partners to finally make the beautiful beach in Ryde accessible to all.  The importance of having accessible beaches on the Island cannot be understated and I look forward to seeing the beach used by everybody in the near future and working on similar projects around the Island to really open it up to both residents and visitors alike.  The Island has great potential to be accessible in all areas and I’m proud to be a part of making this happen.

Another key partner, Hovertravel, will be hosting a project launch event in Spring which will rally additional support from local businesses, reinforcing confidence in Phase 1 being completed by the summer of 2024.

Phase 1 will include the installation of a boardwalk on the sand near the Lifeguard’s Station and Marina Beach, the purchase of sand and sea wheelchairs and walkers, and the implementation of a booking system for the equipment.

The goal is to have the boardwalk installed in the Spring and removed in Autumn for storage, and the equipment available for booking during the Lifeguards’ contractual period throughout the summer.

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