– Ryde Fire Station Everest 13 Challenge

EVEREST 13  August 5th – 6th 2017

Following the success of previous charity fundraising events, firefighters from Ryde Fire Station have set themselves a new challenge and would like to ask if you would be interested in helping to make the event as successful as before by becoming one of their sponsors.

“This year’s event EVEREST 13 is set to be the most physically difficult and challenging of all charity events we have ever attempted at Ryde.

10 Ryde firefighters will attempt to climb a distance further than any other group of people ever in history, with the intention of taking the world record from the current holders from the Isle of Man. To do this we intend to climb the equivalent of just over thirteen vertical ascents of Mount Everest which is comparable to climbing to outer space within 24 hours, an approximate 71 miles in 10 metre stages on a fire service ladder.

The beneficiaries for this year’s event will be the Ryde Fire Station charity fund which has donated sums of cash, brought computers, music devices and other items to help make life a little easier for various local families who may have found themselves in difficult, physical and emotional situations. & The Wight Brainy Bunch who are small island based charity, initially set up by Ryde firefighter, Mark Grimes and his wife Kathryn, following Mark’s diagnosis of a brain tumour in February 2015, to provide support,  raise awareness on the Isle of Wight and to raise funds for brain tumour research.


We would like to invite and offer you the opportunity to support & become part of our event”



·       T-SHIRT LOGO SPACE £200


Please contact Crew Manager Sam Ade 

TEL: 07736279351 EMAIL: sam.ade@iow.gov.uk

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