On Thursday evening at the Ryde Town Meeting, Ryde Timebank was officially launched. The time bank aims to strengthen community ties, and joins a national network supported by Timebanking UK. Ryde Timebank brings a fresh approach to connecting people through the exchange of time and skills to the people of Ryde and joins a growing timebanking community on the island.

Ryde Timebank embodies the spirit of neighbourly support, by providing a platform for people to give and receive the help and support they need. In timebanking there is no need for the exchange of money, emphasising the inherent value of time and human connection. Liz Dutton, part of the Ryde Town Council Community Development Team said:

“We’re thrilled to introduce Ryde Time bank, where every hour contributed is an investment in our community. While timebanking isn’t new to the Isle of Wight, we know that by focussing on the power of personal connections we can empower our community.”

Ryde Timebank extends an open invitation to all to join as an individual, community organisation or business. From sharing hobbies to tackling DIY projects, providing companionship, or running errands, there’s something for everyone to contribute and gain from this collaborative, grassroot network. Anyone interested can visit our website at rydetimebank.co.uk; give us a call at 07935 692651; email rydetimebank@rydetowncouncil.gov.uk or meet us in person at the Living Well Coffee morning every Tuesday at Ryde Library 10am – 12 noon, or at our drop-in session on the first Wednesday of the month at Ryde Library 5.30pm – 6.30pm.”

Working as part of Ryde Town Council, Ryde Timebank is managed by the dedicated Community Development team, Liz and Alison. Sarah Bird, Timebanking UK CEO, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Ryde Time Bank to our national network of grassroots community groups. They join a broader movement towards empowering local communities, amplifying the collective voice of community action across the nation. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will undoubtedly have on the Isle of Wight community.”

Ryde Timebank embodies the essence of community spirit, where every contribution counts towards building a stronger, more connected Ryde.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Alison Pearce, Community Development Officer, Ryde Town Council, 07496 382950 Email: community@rydetowncouncil.gov.uk

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Ryde Timebank is part of Ryde Town Council.


Timebanking is a reciprocal skill-sharing model in which no money changes hands. Members earn and spend timebanking hours by helping others; for example, one member might offer an hour of gardening, while another might offer an hour of teaching guitar. They would each earn a timebanking hour, which they can then spend at their time bank, on a skill or activity offered by another member.

Timebanking UK is a national charity (charity number 1101204) and a company limited by guarantee. TBUK has a small team of permanent staff based in Stroud, and a board of trustees with expertise in the third sector, business and communications. 

TBUK is changing the conversation about social value and leading the way in making our society more dynamic and inclusive.

TBUK’s CEO is Sarah Bird – you can watch Sarah’s TedX talk here.

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