– Temporary Road Closure – Melville Street

We have received the following update from Island Roads regarding the temporary road closure affecting Melville Street.






The Isle of Wight Council (B3326 Melville Street, Ryde) (Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic)
Order No 1 2019

TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE – B3326 Melville Street Ryde

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN under Section 14 (2) (b) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, that
Ringway Island Roads Ltd, acting on behalf of the Isle of Wight Council, to prevent the likelihood
of danger to the public, or serious damage to the road, which is not attributable to any works on
or near the road, considers that the closure to the road as specified below should come into force
without delay.

ROAD TO BE CLOSED: Melville Street from its junction with Dover Street to its junction with
Belvedere Street for a distance of 54 metres. Emergency c/way repairs

DIVERSION ROUTE(S): The diversion will affect these streets: Dover Street, Esplanade, George
Street, Melville Street

Diversion route(s) will be signed at the time of closure. Reasonable facilities will be provided to
allow access to adjacent premises while the road is closed.

PERIOD OF CLOSURE: From 00:00 hours on 25th June 2019, for a maximum period of twenty-one days or
until the works are complete, whichever is sooner.

I attach a copy of a plan showing the location of the road to be closed and alternative route.

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact Island Roads on 01983 822440. Copies of
all traffic orders may be viewed on the public notices website www.roadworks.org

Antony Cooke Traffic Manager & Head of Contract Services

Isle of Wight Council

St Christopher House 42, Daish Way, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5XJ

24th June 2019

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