– The Isle of Wight Council is starting a programme of work to improve the safety of trees in Appley Park.

After routine inspections at Appley Park revealed concerns about a group of tall poplar trees near the beach huts on the seafront. Although there has been past works to cut the trees back, ultimately they have grown too much to be kept safely in this popular and busy area and the decision has been taken to remove them entirely. 

Tree officer Tony Gillingham explained: “These trees are part of the iconic shoreline view of Appley so we have for many years been trying to keep them going.

“Sadly the time has come where we have to take them down before they become unsafe. 

“We have already been working to enhance the trees in Appley Park this winter both with IW Green Gym volunteers and contractors, and next season we will replace the lost trees with a more suitable mix that will be much more robust and resistant to the exposed windy shoreline.

“Managing trees is a long-term job, and although sometimes it looks drastic in the short term, the end result will be a safer and more beautiful park for us all to enjoy.”

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