– Traffic on Great Preston and Surrounding Roads

Island Roads has included a plethora of information such as stakeholder letters, Q&As, traffic management information on the Smallbrook junction scheme which can be found on our website: Island Roads | Smallbrook Junction Improvements

Advance Warning Signs (yellow boards) are on site for the Smallbrook junction and will be updated throughout the scheme.    

Island Roads’ weekly programme of works can be found on their website here: Island Roads | Current works

The following link, which can also be found on their website, shows all current LIVE roadworks and upcoming scheduled works across the Island: Island Roads | Roadworks Live.  This includes all works that impact the highways network, including information about utility works. 

Great Preston Road – it is Island Roads’ intention to carry out reconstruction works between Harding Road and Alexandra Road (localised areas). This is currently scheduled for commencement on 18th October with a duration of approximately two weeks.  There will be a phased road closure in place during these works for safety reasons.  They are in the final stages of agreeing the traffic management and communications plans for this scheme, and this information will be in the residents’ notification letters due to be delivered to properties in the immediately affected area.  At this stage, they anticipate the extent of the closure will be Great Preston Road / Alexandra Road, Ryde – between Carlton Road and St Johns Hill,  commencing from the Harding Road end, with traffic management in place at all times during the works.  In the main, there will be one phase as they work down the road.   This information may be subject to change at this stage, but full details will be in the residents’ letter currently being drafted.    

Wight Fibre’s works – Island Roads are not responsible for communicating details of third party works to local residents; this is down to the third party.  Island Roads are responsible for ensuring the network flows as smoothly as possible.  Wight Fibre are rolling out an extensive programme of works across the Island; as a result of which, there are inevitably closures and diversions in place which impact on road users.  Island Roads distribute the weekly legal Traffic Orders to the local media for wider advertisement. 

“The Isle of Wight Council (Great Preston Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight) (Temporary One-Way Restriction) Order No 1 2021

Island Roads on behalf of The Isle of Wight Council give notice that from 0001 hours from Tuesday 05 October 2021 until 2359 hours on Tuesday 26 October 2021, or when the works has been completed, a one way restriction will be introduced in a east to west direction along Great Preston Road between its junctions with Marlborough Road and Harding Road. The alternative route will be sign posted locally. The restriction is required for safety during utility works.”

Southern Vectis – the Smallbrook scheme doesn’t directly affect the Route 2 bus service; however, the Wightfibre works in Great Preston Road which are under a one-way diversion will do.  The buses can still go into Ryde during these works, but they will divert in the other direction (possibly via Marlborough Road).  Island Roads and Southern Vectis meet on a weekly basis to discuss works on the network, and Southern Vectis are aware of the Smallbrook and Great Preston Road schemes.  Residents to contact Southern Vectis directly in relation to their operational activities, or to check their Southern Vectis website for changes to their service. 

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